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Second, we are planning an eighteen unit housing project to temporarily house those who are transitioning toward self-sufficiency.  While living there they will be getting help with various needs such as job training, education as needed to qualify for employment so that they will be able to be on their own.  The maximum time to be in these units is twenty-four months.  Ideally, occupants will be able to move on in twelve months.  Rent will be charged on an as able to pay basis, this will be part of the educational process.

Housing Project

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We are planning a three prong approach 

First, we are looking for a motel type structure that will be named Covenant House which will be a refuge for the homeless.  This structure will give us the ability to temporarily house individuals, to feed them, ascertain their specific needs such as, medical, physiological, educational or other.  This structure will also have class rooms and special purpose rooms.  We will be able to share use with other community organizations.

Third, we will offer counseling and ongoing support to our past clients and to continue an outreach into the community by providing classes in financial management, nutrition and other as needs are found, counseling and other services that may be required. We are planning on having on staff a psychologist for counseling, a human resources specialist for help in obtaining employment, a resource person to find specific help with problems that we do not have expertise in, a liaison person to local county state and federal agencies, and pastors available for spiritual counseling.